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The Refuge Outdoor Dining/Patio Music

Outdoor dining is a great experience at any restaurant, but it can be especially enjoyable when the weather is nice and there’s outdoor patio music.

The outdoor dining experience at The Refuge Steakhouse is unlike any other. It’s a unique blend of indoor and outdoor dining that makes for the perfect menu for outdoor music! If you’re looking to enjoy an evening out on the patio while sipping a cool drink with friends or family, then this is the place for you!

The outdoor experience at The Refuge Steakhouse is a one-of-a-kind way to enjoy your evening. You’ll come for the food and drink, but stay for the entertainment! And on top of that, we have an outdoor patio with comfortable seating in case you want to lounge around or take in some live music.

One of the finest social spots in town, The Refuge Steakhouse is a place to be seen. With outdoor dining and patio music, you’ll find yourself relaxing in the outdoor seating with live entertainment while enjoying some of Houston’s best food and drink establishments.

The outdoor patio is a great place for friends and family to enjoy outdoor dining while taking in live entertainment. There are plenty of tables with seating, so you don’t have to worry about being too close or far away from the action! With quick service and tasty dishes on our full menu, The Refuge will provide an unforgettable experience.

For outdoor lovers in The Woodlands area, we recommend taking your family to The Refuge Steakhouse for the ultimate outdoor patio experience. We offer live outdoor performances at the Refuge Steakhouse and Bourbon Bar every Friday and Saturday nights. You can also enjoy live patio music at The Refuge Bar & Bistro every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

Stop by for Happy Hour or experience some of the best outdoor dining in Houston.

Live Entertainment SCHEDULE

9/9 Billy Pope
9/10 Unique Soul Band
9/16 Billy Pope
9/17 Jimmie Hunter
9/23 Unique Soul Band
9/24 Yelba
9/30 Unique Soul Band

10/1 Jimmie Hunter
10/7 Vintage Reserve
10/8 Unique Soul Band
10/14 Yelba
10/15 J-Walker
10/21 Unique Soul Band
10/22 Vintage Reserve
10/28 Billy Pope
10/29 Yelba/Sea Cat Trio

11/4 Billy Pope
11/5 J-Walker
11/11 Unique Soul Band
11/12 Jimmie Hunter
11/18 Vintage Reserve
11/19 Jimmie Hunter
11/25 Unique Soul Band
11/26 Justin Pena

12/2 Billy Pope
12/3 Jimmie Hunter
12/9 Unique Soul Band
12/10 Vintage Reserve
12/16 Unique Soul Band
12/17 Jimmie Hunter
12/23 Yelba
12/30 J-Walker

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